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Alex grew up throughout the U.S. and is influenced by his travels, particularly the lingering haunt of Southern literature and the art of oral storytelling.

Alex cut his teeth in the editing room working on commercials and documentaries, before moving on to camera operating, gaffing, and photography.  This was his first foray into long form directing.

For his work on Wid Winner & the Slipstream, he was given 

THE AVERY CROUNSE AWARD that is “given to filmmakers that have captured a certain visual artistry in their work, where a film becomes more than just telling a story, it has become a visual poem.” 

For more info and current news about Alex, please visit his website at:



Kerry was born and raised in the United Kingdom. She starting performing at the tender age of three and it soon became apparent that this would be her chosen career. Kerry went straight into performing arts school where she had the chance to play numerous different characters and learn all of the styles and techniques of acting, dance and musical theatre.


Throughout her journey, Kerry has studied and worked in the Production side of the industry and picked up a lot of technical knowledge as well as creative. She also works on the Producing side of the industry having worked on various Film and Music Video projects in this capacity. 

Kerry is the owner of Sweet Home Films, a Los Angeles based Production Company and Produces with Fact Not Fiction Films in the UK.



Jeremy found his way into filmmaking via the northern California music industry, first studio engineering and eventually establishing and operating his own recording studio and then backpacked through Japan training martial arts. Eventually persuaded by his passion for visual arts and storytelling, Jeremy left his Aikido training and music career to pursue filmmaking in Los Angeles. Jeremy began working freelance in commercial production, directing short films and music videos, and writing spec screenplays.

Jeremy was a part of the Wid Winner Team from the original brainstorming session that created the 1st of 34 drafts of the Slipstream script.

Jeremy's directorial debut feature, WHEELMAN, was produced by NETFLIX and will premier in 2017.  Jeremy also wrote the original screenplay.



Christa has produced a wide range of projects from films to commercials to behind the scenes special features.  She worked alongside David Fincher and Behind the Scenes director David Prior for the Special Features accompaniment on the film Zodiac as well as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  

Christa took the reigns as the head producer alongside

Alex Gaynor as the Slipstream team ventured deep into the midwest and into Kentucky.  It was a rainy, muddy affair, but Christa kept it all on track.

Alexander Wright Music



Chris has served as cinematographer on over 15 short and feature films and his experience on set extends beyond 35 feature film and TV credits.

Based in Los Angeles, Chris now focuses on his gaffing career with dozens of national commercials and shows to his credit.  He still frequently collaborates with Alex Gaynor. 

Chris’s naturalistic and “available light” cinematography on

Wid Winner & the Slipstream has garnered much praise and a BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY nomination from the


His contributions to this film are beyond anything quantifiable, Chris' work ethic and focus helped the filmmakers pull off the poetic visuals that stick with audiences long after the lights come up. 



Often strumming a guitar while on the set of Wid Winner & the Slipstream and discussing music that influenced Alex Gaynor while writing the script, Mr. Wright approached the Slipstream family at taking a shot at the film’s score.  


After playing in many bands throughout the years, Alexander Wright has branched out on his own and started his solo act, 2 Ton Bridge.

Please visit his music website at

 He is also most lovingly engaged in musical adventures with his daughter Helen, whose talent continues to fill him with wonder and good hope for the future.


Alex Wright’s original score for WID WINNER & THE SLIPSTREAM was nominated for BEST ORIGINAL SCORE at the 2010 MAVERICK MOVIE AWARDS.



Sarah attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and has since worked professionally as a Costume Designer on over 25 films and numerous music videos. 


In 2009, Sarah completed “Devil’s Tomb”, an action/thriller starring Ray Winstone, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ron Perlman.  

She also worked on IFCs hit show "The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman."  Sarah has a talent for not only creating amazing original costumes and clothing, but she also has a great understanding of color story, texture, and composition. Sarah knows what looks good today, what will look good a year from now, and perhaps, what might even be timeless.



The Kentucky native artist and welder constructed the frame of the Slipstream out of old scrap metal and automobile parts.  The Slipstream sits in a small trailer, donated by Stephens, and is towed behind our heroes as they travel throughout the U.S.


Alex approached Billy with constructing a design that resembled the double helix structure found in DNA as well as the two "Ss" in the word slipstream.


Before Alex heard word that Billy was interested in the job, Mr. Stephens had already completed the base and double helix form.  It is the spirit and generosity of people like Billy Stephens that made this film possible.  His countless hours and selfless dedication are enshrined in that twisted metal, now captured on celluloid.  We, the filmmakers, are forever grateful.

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